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Jan. 2011


 Happy New Year 2012 !!


Well, we have made it to 2012. Are you ready, are you sure? There is much speculation about this year.

The economy is bad, many people are losing their jobs. There is an election on it's way. Many people don't have insurance. The list goes on. There is only one thing that I know for sure. My Lord is still in control, and I should put all my trust and faith in Him. 

For a Christian it is a wonderful time to be alive. If you are a child of God you don't need to worry. We know how this thing is going to end. Whenever that is the Lord has us safely in His hand. Until then, I am going to keep on keeping on. As I do that , I sure hope you and I will meet on our path.

May God Bless,




Mamaw and Laney
A Precious Gift




A precious lady!

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