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Review of " Lord Today I Need You" by  Abigail Wingate Of The Southern Gospel Music Forum

The first song on the project is "Lord Today I Need You" and it is one of the songs that Shelia wrote.  It proclaims our need for Christ in our life.  The next song on the project is an old favorite.  "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be" is the title of the song and I have always loved the song.  This version is a good one as well.  Shelia is the writer of the next as well.  The song is titled "Call My Name" and I love the message of the song as it reminds the listener to call Jesus' Name when we have a need in our life.


The next track on the project is another Southern Gospel favorite.  "I Feel Like Traveling On" has been recorded a number of times and now it is Sheila's turn!  Her version is a good one.  "Daddy Won't You Go" is the next song on the project and it is another song written by Shelia.  The song is a reminder to never give up praying for that unsaved person in your life.  A great reminder and a good song.  Shelia also wrote the next song titled "We Worship You."  The song is a good song of worship.  The next track on the project is a song titled "He Whispers Sweet Peace To Me."  It is a slow melody but a terrific message in the song.


"Testify To Love" is the next song on this project and it is a good song about God's Love and us telling others about it.  "The Promise" is a song that I have heard before and I enjoy it.  Shelia does a very good job on this song and you will be blessed and it talks about the many promises that God had given us.  The final song on the project was written by Shelia.  "I Write The Music" is a unique story song that you will enjoy.


Shelia Osborne is a talented singer and songwriter as she proves many times on this project.  The project is a good one with good vocal performances, a nice mix of original songs and favorites and good production.  My favorite songs from this project are "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be," "I Feel Like Traveling On" and "We Worship You."  The entire project is very good and you should give it a listen.

Project title: " Let Me Sing "
Revied By : Abigale Wingate
         Southern Gospel Music Forum
Sheila Osborne has a brand new CD out and she recently sent it to our offices for review. I have heard Shelia's music before so I expected it to be good and I was not disappointed!
" Let Me Sing " is a great project showcasing Shelia's singing and songwriting abilities.
" Then I Met Jesus " is the first song on the first project and the first of many written by Shelia. The song reminds us of what happens when we meet Jesus and His saving grace enters our life. The title song is " Let Me Sing" and it is next. It's another great song from Shelia's pen. A great hymn of the church is next and Shelia does a fantastic job singing " God Leads Us Along."
Shelia wrote the next three songs on the project and they are  all very good efforts. " I Feel A Storm  Coming " is the first of those three and it reminds us to put our trust in God at all times. "Treasures Of Darkness " is the next song and I will admit I was
a bit intrigued by the title but the song is a great one that you  will be blessed by as the song unfolds and you realize what God can do with those " Treasures Of Darkness." "life On The Farm" is a song about growing up on the farm. Another great old song is next as Shelia turns her vocal efforts to " O Come Angel Band."
" A Race To Run " is the final song on the project written by Shelia. The song is another wonderful effort from Shelia that you will enjoy. A great Patriotic song is next on the project with
" Battle Hymn Of The Republic." It's a great performance on this often forgotten song. The final song on the project is a Christams song titled "Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem." Shelia does a fine job  on this song as well.
Shelia Osborne is a multi talented individual. Her vocal performances are very good and are only enhanced by her song writing abilities. She has a beautiful voice and sings and writes songs  that showcase it very well. My favorite songs from this projest are "Then I Met Jesus," "Treasure Of Darkness" and " God Leads Us Along." It is a very good effort from Shelia that I am very pleased to recommend anyone that enjoys good Gospel music!

                             Paul Davis
                        New Christian Music :





This benefits from Sheila’s gentle winsome voice being mixed to the fore on songs that raise spirits and horizons. Such material as this that gets a fresh airing to new generations of hymnal influences that are still alive and well! From start to finish, she recorded this gem with communicative zeal. Kicking off with a healthy mix of her self-penned ditties and standard sacred material, this album clearly focuses on gentle country-type hymn-ballads of new and old vintage. Each quality song is given a basic non-fussy backing of guitars, keyboards, bass, harmonica, fiddle, dobro and steel and such by the gal from Virginia. Recorded in Tennessee, I am warmed by these testimony recordings. The average listener will not find her style abrasive and will clearly hear the words.



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