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What Others Have To Say

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Jesus Loves You !

  April 20, 2009 
    As the director of activities for an independent-living community, I never know what sort of response to expect from the residents who are from many different places and many different backgrounds.  Shelia's concert had more positive comments from them than just about anything I've planned over the past six years.  One gentleman said, "Those stories she told and the songs just took me back in my memories to wonderful, happy times."  There is a touch of entertainment to her program, but it is definitely more ministry than anything else.  She is a breath of fresh air in her vocal quality, style, and calm spirit.  She will hopefully be returning in the near future. 
Donna Simpson
Life Enrichment Coordinator
LaurelHurst Apartments in Columbus, NC

Barbara Bryant
Activity Director for Westhaven Retirement Living
Abingdon, Va

Jan 9, 2007
  I want to take the opportunity to give Shelia Osborne a recommendation concerning her time of sharing her gospel singing here at Westhaven Retirement Living.
  Shelia Osborne has brought singing to us with an angelic voice, definitely annointed of God.
  We appreciate her faithfulness and promptness each month as she comes to minister in songs and words of encouragement.
  Shelia brings the peace of God to our residents and brings soothing to their spirits through her angelic voice.
  Shelia truly has the meek, quiet spirit that adorns a woman of God. She is a gift to us that God sent to minister the love of God in music and the word that God has wrote on her heart.
In Christ Alone,
Barbara Bryant
Activity Director

May The Bluebird Of Happiness Sing in Your Field Today !

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